General Prenatal #1 Video Bundle

CARDIO - Go ahead with cardio, assuming you feel good jumping. Take breaks if you need, and you can also step instead of jump.
ARMS - Watch tendency to lift in the shoulders
THIGHS - Feel free to hold onto a chair or counter for balance. Balances on the toes may feel too difficult and can be skipped at the end. Also feel free to substitute stepping instead of jumping for any of the cardio bursts
DAILY ABS - Do these daily!
ABS (PREGNANCY) - Designed just for pregnancy, though pay attention to your hip flexors
SEAT - This standing series should be fine. Lower the lifted leg if you need, and also consider bending the knee if you feel too much in your back. Also don’t feel like you have to kick the leg as far forward as I do
STRETCH - Designed just for pregnancy

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