Early Pregnancy Video Bundle

CARDIO - Go ahead with cardio, assuming you feel good jumping. Take breaks if you need, and you can also step instead of jump. Also consider slowing down the transition from the big squat jumps to the rest. Take it as slowly (or quickly) as you need!
FIRST ARMS - This exercise should be fine. Use extra knee padding if necessary
DAILY ABS - Do these daily!
THIGHS - You may want to hold onto chair for balance, and don’t go as deeply into the parallel lunge (or reach all the way to the ground) if necessary
SECOND ARMS - Watch tendency to lift in the shoulders
ABS (PREGNANCY) - Designed just for pregnancy, though pay attention to your hip flexors
SEAT - Good for the most part. Some women have trouble with this work at the very end (and sometime throughout if there is pelvic instability). Also don’t feel like you have to kick the leg as far forward as I do
STRETCH - Designed just for pregnancy

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